Saturday, September 15, 2012

Porsche 917K Pedro Rodriguez 1970

Ugo Capeto, Porsche 917K Pedro Rodriguez 1970. Colored pencil on paper, 6"x10.5". ©2012.

Pedro Rodriguez in a Porsche 917K at the 1970 Brands Hatch 1,000 kilometres endurance race. This is an original colored pencil drawing from a photograph in the book "Sports Car Racing, In Camera, 1970-79" by Paul Parker. The artwork is on Stonehenge archival paper.

Pedro Rodriguez was paired with Leo Kinnunen in a John Wyer Porsche 917K at Brands Hatch 1970. The race was run (mostly) in very wet weather. At one point, a flag went up signaling the drivers to slow down and not overtake but Pedro didn't see it and passed several cars. He got black flagged into the pits because of that and he went from an ill-acquired 2nd place to a 12th. Upon returning to the track, Pedro drove like mad in the rain, went up the field of cars ahead of him, and took the lead, which he lost at the driver switch. Eventually, Pedro won the race five laps in front of a Salzburg Porsche 917K.

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